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We are encouraging new guilds that would be joining Elysian RO for the first time to take advantage of our guild package.
This would give your guild a big head start to prepare yourselves for the War of Emperium! 

Simply follow the mechanics below:
  • Your guild must be composed of at least 7 members (1 Guild Master + 6 Members)
  • Your members must all be NEW players - meaning they have played Elysian RO for less than a week
  • You must reply on this thread with the following info: (Guild Name, Guild Master, Guild Members)
  • Guild Master will be given 200 Guild Package Vouchers while each member will get 150 each
  • All applications will be reviewed and subject for approval
  • When claiming the Guild Package Vouchers, all members of the guild must be online.
  • You can exchange the vouchers for exclusive items(Weapons, Armors, Consumables) by warping using @gpack
[Image: gai3elQ.png]

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